My Best Purchase of 2018

It’s about that time of year again — the best of the year!

Sorry this year is so late. Our family did a LOT of online shopping this year, so it took a while to comb through all of the products we purchased.

The winner is…

Drumroll please…

My air purifier!

We have two cats. I’m not allergic to cats or anything like that. I bought the air freshener because I was buying a humidifier — so I figured, why not. Right?

I can’t describe to you how much cleaner my lungs feel! Especially in the winter months when you can’t just crack a window to get some fresh air — the air purifier has made a huge difference in our lives. Everything is so fresh all of the time! Like we have a window open. Seriously!

Want one yourself? If you head over to this blog post and click the link to go to Amazon, I’ll receive a small commission from your purchase, which helps me keep the newsletter going. I’d really appreciate it!

If you’re itching to get your “shopoholic” on, an air purifier is a good place to start. 🙂

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